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The Spirit of Worship
The Answer
Useful - Part 3
Useful - Part 2
Useful - Part 1
If Not You Then Who
Waiting for Daylight
Leadership Is About Service
Generosity Impacts the World
Champions of Children
Prayer Changes Everything
Courage Is Essential for Faith
Compassion Is Our Second Biggest Motive
Life - Change
The Struggle for Control
Crisis Point
Why Christmas Is Important - Peace
Stabs of Joy 10:30am
Stabs of Joy - 9:00am
Why Christmas Is Important - Part 2
The Word - Why Christmas Is Important - Part 1
Deep Gratitude
The New Generation
Authority Figures
The Family
The Marriage
Old and New
Addiction Affliction
Grief and Loss
Ephesian Anger
The Shepherd's Table
Life Streams
Brief Worship
Dealing with Depression
The Power of Forgiveness
Obedience Overcomes Confusion
Full Term
An Old Promise
Successful Failure
A Ridiculous Promise
The Cost of Success
An Unshakable Leader
Why Baptism Is Important to You
The Gift of Suffering
Holy Smoke
The Love of God
The Whole Truth
God is What We Aren't
The Open Spirit
"CTO" - Follow
Declawing a Cat
Cleaning the Fish
Deep Water Fishing
Fish Stories
The Enter-Net
Fishing from the Bridge
The License
More Than Able
The Green Gospel
Minority Report